This STUFF has got to go!

This is a Journal of my struggle to control all the STUFF that finds it's way into my home. I don't want to be the "keep this for me" person anymore!


I confess.  I am a hoarder.

My house has overwhelmed me.  My house feels very uncomfortable.  My house is filled with STUFF.  My house is driving me crazy!

When I was young my house was always super organized and super clean.  I had very few possessions so it was easy to keep it all clean and uncluttered.  Oh yeah, back then, it was easy to organize a kitchen cabinet when the cabinet had only a few items.  It’s was easy to organize my clothes closet when there was only a few items in it.  It was easy to keep a child’s room neat looking and clean when there’s nothing in it to clutter the room.  When someone enters my front door there’s nothing blocking it.  From all appearances my home is neat and tidy.

Many of my friends tell me I’m a collector and not a hoarder.  They tell me a hoarder can’t see the floors or the table or the bed and so forth.  My friends tell me that hoarders live in filth. What my friends think of as hoarders are like the tv shows.  Well, those shows are “extreme” examples geared toward tv ratings.  I believe hoarders are also very clean and organized people…. with too much stuff.  The stuff takes over and gets worse and worse over time.  Eventually a hoarder home becomes so overwhelming the hoarder gives up.  Or, like me, decide to get control again.

Ok, admittedly, maybe I am a collector right now but I’m just a thin line away from a full fledged hoarder being buried alive with stuff. Yes, I can see the floors in most places but that has been changing.  I can cook.  I can bathe.  I can sleep in a bed without anything on it but me.  No, I am not like the extreme hoarders on the tv…. yet.  So, what’s my problem?  Simply put, I have too much STUFF and it’s growing everyday.  The stuff growing faster than I can keep it sorted and organized.   My age and health aren’t helping either.

When someone enters my home, for all appearances, it is neat and tidy.  Umm…. most of the time.  Sometimes I get behind on the dishes and mopping and that’s very visible to others.  What people haven’t seen lately is the rooms with all the STUFF.  Here’s a photo of some stuff.

Here’s another place in my house.

See, I have paths going through the stuff.  It wouldn’t take much more stuff for the paths disappear.

Where did all this STUFF come from?  Why does it feel as if it’s suffocating me now?  Why don’t I  just start tossing it all out?  Would I be willing to let volunteers come into my house to clear it all out?  Not likely.  Here’s why.

Who is going to know what’s important to my quilting business?  Which quilt design books or templates?   Who would know whether the stack of clothing in a corner is something I refuse to toss OR is clothing that belong to a customer waiting for a memory quilt to be made?  Who is going to know which stored foods I will eat and what can be donated?  No, I’m not talking about outdated foods.  I’m talking about storage of too much usable food for one person to eat before it finally does become outdated.  Who is going to know what pairs of pants hanging in my closet are worn every week and what doesn’t fit me anymore?  Who is going to look through my kitchen cabinets and know what appliance I use regularly and what hasn’t been used in years?  Who is going to know that the cardboard boxes stacked everyplace are the right boxes to make a dresser or hall table?  You see what I’m getting at?

There is only one person that can take this declutter journey and that’s me.  I’m the only one who can make the decision to keep, toss, or donate everything in my house.  I can share my thoughts and struggles with others and they can share theirs with me.  But….. ultimately the journey is an individual one.  So, whether this is a blog about being a hoarder or just another blog about organizing doesn’t matter.  What really matters is that I’m writing it to document my path toward downsizing my possessions.


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