This STUFF has got to go!

This is a Journal of my struggle to control all the STUFF that finds it's way into my home. I don't want to be the "keep this for me" person anymore!

Organizing and thinking

I couldn’t stand it anymore.  My freezer had gotten into a jumbled mess and it was bothering the heck out of me.  Why had it gotten this way?  I simply got lazy and didn’t take the few minutes time necessary to keep it organized as it should be.  I was on a tight quilting deadline.  Many professional quilters will understand what I’m talking about when I say….. I’ll quilt after just a few minutes more.  Or, I’ll  stop right after this next row.  Or, something similar. Before I know it I’m ready for bed.  Getting the customer quilt done on time is very important.  So that’s what happened to my freezer.  After shopping I just shoved things in willy nilly intending to straighten it up later but later took many days to get here.

I was also lazy because I no longer had my freezer inventory list.  It had been on the old computer.  You know, the computer that died after getting a nasty virus a few weeks back.  I did print out a new copy every time I shopped but without the original form I couldn’t update it.  I needed a new form put into this computer before I could use an inventory list again.  I don’t have windows on this computer so it took me awhile to figure out how to create a new one.   Anyway, I straightened up everything in the freezer, vacuum packed what hadn’t been done already, and made sure it all had a numbered bag.  I line my packages up like books on a shelf to make it easy to remove something without removing a bunch of stuff on top.  The bags have tabs on the side that are numbered.

Why numbered bags?  The bag numbers correspond to my inventory list.  The freezer inventory list does so much more than tell me what’s in the freezer.   I’ve written about it before on my main blog.   Here    I use it for insurance purposes too.  I will be re writing the instructions for how my inventory and numbered bags work.

When that chore was done  I went to another area that’s been bugging me.  The baking cabinet.  Ok, I took some things out before I took the before picture.  I almost forgot about it.  Many hoarders are very good at packing a lot of stuff into a very small space.   Even organized hoarders like me are very good at finding space for more hoarding stuff.

Even organized hoarders like me are very good at finding space for more hoarding stuff.  I can almost always pack a few more things into a space if I move it around enough.   I decided that if  I absolutely must pack a lot of stuff into the one cabinet shelf space then by cracky it is going to be well-organized and easily accessible.   So what do you think of the area now?

You might think I’m missing one jar but the space is intentionally left empty.  Why?  So it becomes a sliding system.  I can easily slide the front jars side to side, out of the way, in order to reach the second row of jars.  Like this.

Nothing has to be taken out of the cabinet in order to reach the jars in the back.  I think it’s neat!  The smallest jars in front will slide too.  My jars are not taking up valuable counter top real estate.  The jars are no longer hidden in a closet or a box where I forget I’ve stashed them.   And, everything is easily accessible when I need it.  Um…. you want to know what happened to the other stuff that was stored on this shelf?  Oh, thank you for asking.  Some of  it is now lives here.  I’m not exactly happy with the arrangement.  I plan to change it after my next shopping trip.   There’s a few things I want to buy before I change it again.  I’m happy to know the stuff will be easily accessible and not jumbled up in a plastic box.

When that area was finished I decided to clean the top of the fridge.  I did forget to take a before photo of it.  It had odd and end stuff I couldn’t figure out what to do with.  It now looks like this.  This area is going to change again too.  For now it simply looks much better.  You can see where some of the other stuff from the cabinet went too.    Tea bags, kool aid, note pad & pen, and salad mix packets are in the magnetic organizers.

My kitchen counter now looks like this.    This is after the sweet potatoes had cooled and been put into the dehydrator.  My working area is 24 inches wide by about 12 inches deep.  That’s less the area taken by the appliances.

With so  little working surface on my counter every bit of it should be used wisely.  I use these two appliance almost daily which is why they are allowed valuable  space.  I did a lot of thinking while I was working.  Thinking about changes in my life and my house.  I want to be organized.  To be like I was when I was not so busy with customer quilts.  I want to stop hoarding so much stuff.  I want to save money.  I want life to work a little more smoothly.

It’s gonna happen!  I know it is.  It’s all up to me.


2 comments on “Organizing and thinking

  1. Dora, the quilter
    September 24, 2012

    I love the goal, “I want life to work a little more smoothly.” That’s my goal too. Easier to do when I have more control over what happens in my life–and it looks like I’m about to lose a lot of that control. One foot in front of the other….one foot in front of the other. 8-D

    • Na Na
      September 29, 2012

      It goes much more smoothly for awhile then life throws a boulder in your path. Yup, one foot in front of the other. Hope you are feeling better?

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