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Easy stove cleaning

Does your stove look like mine?  Or worse?  Months of grease buildup and a dread of so much elbow grease to clean it?

In that picture the stove is fairly clean for me.  I do a lot of cooking and there are times when I just have to let the grease build because my quilting schedule gets in the way of housework.  I don’t sweat it.  I just let it happen.

You want to know a secret way to clean the grease buildup from a  stove without using elbow grease?  Yeah, there’s enough grease on it already.  I hadn’t thought about this for many, many years.  I was reading through a very old helpful hints book and saw this hint.  Bingo!!  Well, it’s not that big of a secret.  I’m sure if you do an internet search you will see this a few million times but I saw it  in a book.  Ok, first, this is a closer view of the grease buildup.

Go get some ammonia and some zip-lock bags.  I used two grocery bags.  Be careful if you use grocery bags because the ink might come off on something you don’t want it on.  Put one or two tablespoons of ammonia in the bag and put your stove parts in there.  You don’t need much because it’s the fumes that do the work not the ammonia.  You just need enough to cause stinky fumes.  Seal or tie the bag closed and leave set overnight.  If you think the bag might burst for some odd reason then leave the bag outside overnight.  Mine set in the sink.

Now put some baking soda in a small bowl and add just enough peroxide to make a paste.  Smear this onto the stove top to leave overnight.   Use your fingers if you want.  I have it a little too thick on my stove but that’s not a problem.  Be sure you don’t get the baking soda into the gas openings!  If you are cleaning an electric stove be sure you don’t get it into the electric sockets.

Next morning simply wipe up the stove top with a damp sponge.  If there is any stubborn spots use a scouring pad with the baking soda or repeat the baking soda smear another night.

Now for the really icky stove parts.  Remove the parts from the bag and wipe with a sponge or plastic scrubbie.  That’s it.  No elbow grease required.  Ok, there might be a few stubborn spots.  Use a little baking soda to scour it a bit.  When you have loosened the grease then wash in soapy water.  If this cleaning takes any big effort at all then simply repeat the overnight set with ammonia.    The idea is to be easy, easy cleaned.  Doesn’t it look nice?

 Well, ok, a couple of spots didn’t come clean so I’ll be repeating tonight.

What do you think?  Easy?  Give it a try.   Tell me what you think.




5 comments on “Easy stove cleaning

  1. kathi
    October 7, 2012

    GREAT IDEA!!!! i’ll try it next time i get a chance.
    now. my BANE is THE OVEN. any EASY way to clean that? my smoke alarm now goes off EVERY time i USE the oven. baaaad me.

    • Na Na
      October 7, 2012

      Hey, Kathi, you read and reply faster than I can click a mouse!

      Put a small bowl of ammonia in the oven to set overnight. Do not heat the oven. Next day wipe the oven with a scrubbie then wipe up with a damp rag or sponge. It might have to be repeated more than one time if the oven is really greasy. But what have you got to loose by trying this?

      You can put the oven racks into a garbage bag with a couple of tablespoons of ammonia to set overnight.

      If you get the oven somewhat clean using the ammonia but there are still stubborn spots then use the baking soda mixed with a little water to make a paste thick enough to stick to the sides and top of the oven. Be sure to clean out all the baking soda before using the oven.

  2. Joyful
    November 2, 2012

    I just use baking soda to scour my kitchen stove. It’s electric and because I don’t have good air flow, I get a lot of guck on my stove top and my cabinet daily. It’s a big pain to try and keep every thing clean. I have read about using ammonia but haven’t actually tried it. Do you think I could put the electric elements in the bag? By that I mean the coil that the pots go on when you are cooking. It seems like you put the gas elements into the bag. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Mine gets greasy and the grease doesn’t come off with simple wiping.

    • Na Na
      November 5, 2012

      I think it would work for electric elements IF you are used to scrubbing them already. When I had an electric stove I never had to clean the coils because the heat burned away any grease or foods. I simply turned on each unused burner about once a week and it all burned away. It set off the smoke detector a couple of times. I also used burner covers for unused burners. I bought a set of four at a dollar store. I did clean the pans under the elements though. The ammonia will cut the grease from them.

      • Joyful
        November 11, 2012

        Thanks. Maybe I should just buy new elements when the old ones get too old. I clean the catch alls under the elements and the rings around them. I also have burner covers which need constant cleaning from spills and grime.

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